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Dogs In Hot Cars

Dogs In Hot Cars

May 27, 2019

The summer months are the perfect opportunity to enjoy the sunshine with your beloved furry companion. Going to the beach or hitting the trails for long hikes are the very activities that make our dogs happy.  Although these fun times will strengthen the bond we have with our pets, we must understand the dangers that lurk with every trip.

Every year, the beautiful summer heat combined with human negligence continues to kill our pets in hot cars. Most dog owners know that you shouldn’t leave a pet or child in a hot car. Temperatures can rise to dangerous levels in just minutes, putting your loved ones at risk of heat stroke or severe brain damage. Unfortunately, most don’t understand how quickly death can arrive.   

But I Will Be Back In 5 Minutes…

Parked cars are deathtraps for dogs. On a 78-degree day, the temperature inside a parked car can soar to 100 degrees in just minutes, and on a 90-degree day, the interior temperature can reach as high as 109 degrees in less than 10 minutes. The problem is that we tend to “think” we are running to the store but not understand human nature and the power of distraction.

Typical Death Examples:

  • Long Lines: You’ve finally found the items you were looking for and it’s time to pay. You stand on what seems like a regular queue to the register, without realizing that it’s already been 10+ minutes. People trying to use coupons that have expired just make the wait that much longer.
  • Distractions: It’s quite common for people to park their vehicle for “5 minutes” and something completely unrelated grasps their attention. It may be an altercation between two people, accidents, or another store they want to check out before leaving town. You may start arguing with a complete stranger, not realizing your pet is gasping for air.
  • Cracked Window: This simply does not work. When is the last time you got into your hot car and cracked the windows to stay cool? Keep in mind that leaving an animal in a hot car is illegal in several states.

When the summer months turn into scorching heat, always have everything ready and loaded before the trip or let your friends stay in the car with the air conditioning running.  Remember that time really does fly and your pet can sustain serious brain damage or even die from heatstroke in minutes.

How To Help Trapped Animals

While you may follow the golden rules, some people refuse to learn. What should you do when confronted with a locked car on a 100 degree day with animals inside? Before you start smashing windows, it’s important to understand the rules.

The last thing you need is a criminal charge for doing the right thing. Yes, leaving animals in hot cars is very illegal in most places but that does not mean you can damage property and get away with it. It’s imperative that you look at the laws in your area before making that final step to save the day.

The Checklist To Follow:

  • Signs of Heatstroke: Examine the animal and look for excessive panting, drooling, and or collapse.
  • Look Around: Search the area and attempt to find the owner of the car. Shout in the stores and get others to help you. People will always tag along when it comes to saving an animal.
  • Gather Information: If no one arrives in 5 minutes, gather information about the vehicle and time of day. In the event that something tragic does happen, you’d want to report every detail to the police.
  • Call The Police: If you have no luck in finding the owner of the car, contact the authorities. They will know a lot more than you when it comes to this stuff and you won’t have to worry about damaging property when they arrive.
  • Breaking The Window: If you’re in a remote area with no help in sight and you’re willing to put your freedom at risk, break the window. It’s imperative that you don’t attempt to smash the window with a brick like an amateur. Car windows are a lot stronger that we give them credit. You want to get a sharp object or a pointy rock and hit the bottom corner of the window. This will break the window safely without the glass flying all over the place.


Safety will always start with you. While people understand the dangers of hot cars, most underestimate just how fast the situation gets dangerous. Doing something simple like posting an infographic on social media or talking to friends and fellow dog owners at the local dog park can save lives. Share videos with your peers and spread the word. If you can cook eggs using your windshield, you can easily kill a furry dog. Stay safe and spread the word!

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